Weight Loss

Have you tried many different diets? Do you lose weight only to put it back on? or have those kilos just snuck up on you?

Eat Play Live has an amazing weight loss and maintenance program which helps clients to:

  • lose weight
  • keep it off
  • Improve body composition!


How do we do it?

  • We give you a flexible diet plan that is created specifically for your needs and your health goals
  • We provide recipes and meal & snack ideas
  • We find out those small but important things that sabotage your efforts
  • We track your body composition changes (ie. Change in fat mass, muscle mass, hydration etc) to see the big picture.


What we don’t do:

  • Give unrealistic food goals that cant be maintained
  • Cut out whole food groups which could lead to fatigue, sickness and nutritional deficiencies
  • Make you starve
  • Make you spend 100’s of on nutritional supplements



  • Learn how to eat healthily on a budget
  • Feel energetic and in control of what you eat!


Functional and personal training sessions

Are available from our Exercise Scientist- so that you know how to exercise safely, improve posture, get rid of those aches and pains and feel & look great!


Click here for more information or to book diet or functional and personal training sessions .