9 Tasty Salad Dressings!

Learn how to eat salads that dietitian’s make taste great with these 9┬átasty and not too naughty dressings to flavour your salads or cooked vegetables! (serves 4-6) 1/2 fresh lemon, garlic, 1/4c olive oil, salt and pepper, fresh chilli 1/2c white vinegar, 1/4c fish sauce, 1 teaspoon caster sugar 1/2c balsamic vinegar, finely chopped shallots […]

Weight Loss

Eat Play Live has an amazing weight loss and maintenance program which helps clients to: lose weight keep it off Improve body composition!   Have you tried many different diets? Do you loose weight only to put it back on? or have those kilos just snuck up on you?   How? What do we do? […]

Small frequent meals

Take a look at not only WHAT you are eating but WHEN you are eating! Skipping meals and snacks can lead to cycles of over and under-eating, in which case more energy dense foods are generally consumed and in higher amounts than if consumed as a snack or a meal. So when did you last […]

Eat Play Live

Eat Play Live has some amazing services available to clients. – State of the art body composition analysis in only one minute including; whole body and each limb % body muscle, % body fat, weight, BMI, hydration and daily caloric intake (how many calories you can eat!). – Hicaps facilities are available so that you […]